Patient Summary Appointments Tab

Release Considerations

View appointments functionality is available with Provider Portal 5.2.1 and later releases.

Provider Portal integrates with an organization’s existing Cerner Millennium environment and uses Cerner Scheduling Management to enable authorized users to view patient appointments. The Appointments tab in the patient summary displays the patient’s upcoming and previous appointments. The appointments are retrieved from Cerner Scheduling Management. If a client uses an external scheduling solution and sends appointment information to Cerner Millennium through Health Level Seven (HL7) Scheduling Information Unsolicited (SIU) messages, Cerner Scheduling Management returns those appointments to Provider Portal as well. The Appointments tab is available from the patient summary in Patient Archive search mode only.

Patient Summary Appointments Tab Help

- Prerequisites
- View Appointments
- Appointments Display


Appointments functionality has the following prerequisites:

  • You must be a Cerner Millennium client.
  • Your Provider Portal must be connected to Cerner Scheduling Management.
  • You must have the appropriate authorizations in Provider Portal. This includes the authorization that grants access to the patient summary Appointments tab.

View Appointments

Complete the following steps to view a patient’s upcoming and previous appointments:

  1. Perform a patient archive search. See Patient Archive Search for more information.
  2. Select the patient’s name or Actions > Patient Summary to open the patient summary for that patient. 
  3. If Appointments is not the active tab in the patient summary, select the Appointments tab. When you select the Appointments tab (or it is your default tab in patient summary), the system automatically makes a request to Cerner Scheduling Management to retrieve the patient’s appointments. If a unique patient is found, the patient’s appointments are displayed; otherwise, the system displays one of the following messages:
    • Unable to retrieve appointment information for this patient because a matching patient was not found.
    • Unable to retrieve appointment information for this patient because multiple matching patients were found.

Note: If you do not see the Appointments tab in the patient summary, review the prerequisites to ensure that the requirements are met.

Appointments Display

- Upcoming and Previous Appointments
- Display Canceled Appointments
Appointment Elements

Upcoming and Previous Appointments

Appointments retrieved from Cerner Scheduling Management are grouped and displayed as Upcoming Appointments and Previous Appointments in Provider Portal. Upcoming Appointments have appointment dates and times in the future. Previous Appointments have appointment dates and times in the past. Both categories contain the same appointment elements.

Note: The maximum number of appointments to retrieve from Cerner Scheduling Management is configured in Provider Portal.

Display Canceled Appointments

When appointments retrieved from Cerner Scheduling Management are displayed in Provider Portal, by default the system does not display canceled appointments. Select Display canceled appointments to display canceled appointments. This applies to upcoming and previous appointments, respectively.

Appointment Elements

The following appointment elements that are retrieved from Cerner Scheduling Management are displayed in the Appointments tab for upcoming and previous appointments, respectively:

  • Appointment day and date
  • Appointment type (includes video icon if video appointment)
  • Appointment time
  • Appointment location
  • Who the appointment is with (primary provider name on the appointment)
  • Appointment status

Note: If appointment type, location, or primary provider name is not available in Cerner Scheduling Management, Not Available is displayed for the applicable element.

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