Compose Secure Patient Correspondence

Do not use Secure Messaging to communicate urgent health problems or request same-day appointments.  

Note: Secure message drafts are not saved.

Complete the following steps to compose a secure Patient Correspondence message: 

  1. From the Messaging menu, select Compose Secure Message. The Select Recipients dialog box is displayed. 
  2. From the Groups list, select a Practice/Group. You can also select recipients from your saved Favorites.
  3. From the Recipient list, select a recipient. Select only one recipient per Practice/Group. To ensure a timely reply, all staff members in the Practice/Group can view and reply to your message.
  4. Click Add Recipient. Repeat steps to add more recipients. Click here for more information about Select Recipients.
  5. Click OK when done adding recipients. The New Secure Message window is displayed.
  6. Optional: Click Add to change message recipients. 
  7. Conditional: The Patient field contains identifying information about the selected patient. You can select a different patient from the Select Patient list above the portal main menu. You have this option only if you have multiple linked accounts. You must first Cancel your message, then select a different patient and start a new message. Click here for more information about Multiple Linked Accounts.
  8. Optional: Add Attachments. Click here for information about Add Attachments.
  9. Enter Message Subject. Subject is required.
  10. Optional: Enter a message in the message body editor window.
  11. Click Send.
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