Patient Summary Visits Tab

The patient summary Visits tab contains information about the selected patient's encounters. Information is organized in two grids: Medical Record Numbers and Visits.

Visits Tab Help

- Medical Record Numbers
- Visits

Medical Record Numbers

The Medical Record Numbers grid contains the selected patient's medical record numbers and the associated source facility. In addition, you can position the pointer over the information icon to view the patient's Community ID. The Community ID is also known as the Provider Portal Index ID and is an identifier that is specific to the portal.


The Visits grid displays the following information for each of the patient's encounters:

  • Visit Type
  • Visit Date
  • Facility
  • Account Number
  • Face Sheet (If still available. See Face Sheet Unavailable for more information.) 

Face Sheet Unavailable

Face sheets are available for a limited number of days. The number of days is configured in a system setting. When the number of days is up, Unavailable is displayed in the Face Sheet column in the Visits grid. When unavailable is displayed, you cannot view the face sheet. Face sheets are typically available for 90 to 120 days.

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