Intended Use

Intended Use

Provider Portal is an outreach platform that provides omnidirectional connectivity across organizations within a community or region. This connectivity provides the ability to move electronic health information between disparate health care information systems, while maintaining the integrity of the data. Provider Portal is intended to enhance connectivity beyond the enterprise and to be used throughout the continuum of care by health care organizations, providers, affiliates, and administrative personnel. Provider Portal can be used to drive new business to service lines, deliver closed loop transactions, and facilitate care coordination within a community.


Provider Portal is a supplier-neutral outreach platform. It facilitates the movement of electronic health information across health care organizations and among health care providers within a community or region. It enables subscribers to design, coordinate, and adapt workflow processes related to orders, referrals, consultations, and discharges. It contains patient and provider indexes to manage information flow to identified providers; a provider portal to engage providers and practices (including those without an active electronic health record (EHR)); a secure messaging system; and the Cerner Direct Health Information Service Provider (HISP). A clinical data repository is included in the system to ensure that data integrity is maintained. Provider Portal subscribers can view electronic health information concurrently or in the aggregate, retrospectively. Provider Portal is deployed using the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model.


Provider Portal is not intended for clinical monitoring, diagnostic, and/or therapeutic purposes.

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