Printing within the Provider Portal application can vary based on your browser.

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- Browser Context Menu
- Document Viewer
Turn Off Headers and Footers
- Microsoft Internet Explorer

Browser Context Menu

The Provider Portal application does not support functions provided by your browser context menu such as print, select all, and copy. 

Document Viewer

Your browser context menu is suppressed in the Provider Portal application's document viewer. When you right-click within the document viewer, an "Unsupported Action" message is displayed.  

Turn Off Headers and Footers

The Provider Portal application requires that headers and footers are turned off in your browser's print settings to ensure successful printing. The application is designed to assist with this requirement by overriding browser header and footer print settings where possible. It is recommended that you turn off headers and footers in your browser's print settings to ensure successful printing. The way you do this varies across browsers. Below is an example of how to turn off headers and footers in Microsoft Internet Explorer.  

Complete the following steps to turn off headers and footers in Internet Explorer:

  1. Select Tools in the upper-right corner of the Internet Explorer window.  
  2. Select Print, then Page setup. The Page Setup dialog box opens. Current header and footer values are displayed. 
  3. Select Empty from each list under Headers and Footers.   
  4. Select OK to save your changes and close the dialog box.

Note: The header and footer settings will remain in effect for everything you print using Internet Explorer and for all future Internet Explorer browser sessions. To enable headers and footers, follow the steps above to access the Page Setup dialog box and make changes.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The Provider Portal application supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. For the best printing experience with Internet Explorer 11, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. If you do not have it installed on your device, select the image below and follow the instructions to install it.


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