Use Snippets in Secure Message

A snippet is reusable text. You use snippets in secure messages, including direct messages. Snippets can save time and make it easy to compose messages. Snippets may contain prefilled brackets, for example, [*USERPRACTICE*]. When a snippet is inserted in a message body, the system populates the brackets with available data. Snippets may also contain generic brackets [*****] for the user to populate before the message is sent. Authorized users create snippets in Snippets Admin (My Account > Snippets Admin). 

Complete the following steps to use snippets in a secure message:

  1. From the Message tab in a secure message, select a snippet from the Snippets list. The system populates the message editor window with the snippet value.
  2. If the snippet value contains generic brackets [*****] or other brackets that the system does not populate, enter the requested information. You can press TAB to advance through the brackets. Note: You must enter the requested information in the highlighted bracket before you can press TAB to go to the next bracket.
  3. If you want to insert more snippets in the message, you can position the cursor at the insertion point and repeat Steps 1-2 as necessary.

See Snippets Admin for more information on snippets.


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