Patient Summary Overview

The patient summary contains consolidated information specific to the selected patient. Authorized users can switch between a patient archive view and a global view. The patient summary includes patient demographic information and tab views of clinical, secure messaging, and patient consent information. From the upper-right corner of the patient summary, authorized users can create new secure messages and orders or referrals. In addition, in the patient archive view, authorized users can add the patient to their dashboard watchlist. Information is provided in the patient summary according to user authorizations and patient consent.

Patient Summary Help

Access Patient Summary
Patient Summary Tab Views
Patient Summary Search Capability

Access Patient Summary

Authorized users can select the patient name or Actions >  Patient Summary to open the patient summary from the following places in the portal:

  • Dashboard
  • Document Archive Search page
  • Orders Inbox
  • Patient Search page
  • Results Inbox
  • Secure Messaging Inbox

Note: The [Orders] label is configurable in the application. Other labels such as [Requests] can be used. For simplicity, [Orders] is used throughout the Help.

Patient Summary Tab Views

The patient summary contains tab views of clinical, secure messaging, and patient consent information for the selected patient. The tabs that are displayed depend on the features that are turned on in your portal, the authorizations that you have, and whether patient archive or global view is selected. Patient archive is the default view.  

The following tabs may be displayed in your patient summary view:

Patient Summary Tab Views
Patient Summary Tab Description View
Clinical Summary

The Clinical Summary tab provides the following components of Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) documents that are parsed and deduplicated with discrete data:

  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Medications
  • Problems
Global view only
Community View The Community View tab is available to Cerner Health Information Exchange (HIE) clients who have Community View (previously known as Outside Record Viewer (ORV)) and are connected to Provider Portal. The Community View tab displays an aggregate summary of the patient's health care information in Cerner HIE. Global view only
Consent The Consent tab provides information about current and past patient consent policies. Authorized users can add policies. Patient archive or global view
Documents The Documents tab provides either a patient archive or global repository view of the patient's documents. The documents are displayed in a layout called the document grid. Patient archive or global view
Flowsheets The Flowsheets tab provides a category or panel view of trended laboratory results. Patient archive or global view
Hospital Downtime   Patient archive or global view
Orders Inbox The Orders Inbox tab provides a prefiltered inbox of orders for the selected patient. Patient archive or global view
Secure Messaging Inbox The Secure Messaging Inbox tab provides a prefiltered inbox of messages that pertain to the selected patient.  Patient archive or global view
Visits The Visits tab contains information about the patient's encounters. Information is organized in medical record number and visit grids.    Patient archive or global view 

Patient Summary Search Capability

The patient summary provides streamlined patient archive, global, and external HIE search capability.

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