View and Print Visit Face Sheet From Results Inbox

This feature is available to users who are authorized to view face sheets.

Note: You can use the View And Print With Face Sheet feature to view and print face sheets along with results. See View and Print With Face Sheet for more information.

Complete the following steps to view and print a face sheet from the Results Inbox:

  1. From a result row, select Actions >  Face Sheet to open the document viewer. The face sheet is displayed.
  2. Select Print on the document viewer toolbar.
  3. Make your browser-specific print selections and print the face sheet.
  4. Select Close to close the document viewer and return to Results Inbox. 

Note: Provider Portal does not support functions provided by your browser context menu such as print, select all, and copy. Your browser context menu is suppressed in the portal's document viewer. When you right-click in the document viewer, an "Unsupported Action" message is displayed. Click here for more information about printing in Provider Portal.  

 Face Sheet Unavailable

Face sheets are available for a limited number of days. The number of days is configured in a system setting. When the number of days is up,  Face Sheet Unavailable is displayed in the Actions list in the result row and you cannot view the face sheet. Face sheets are typically available for 90 to 120 days.

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