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Perform Document Archive Search
Document Search Filters

Perform Document Archive Search

Complete the following steps to perform a Document Archive Search:

  1. From the menu bar select Search > Document to perform a Document Archive Search.
  2. On the Document Archive Search page, select or enter document search filters, then select Search. Your search results are displayed. 
  3. If you want to sort the documents, select any column header field. An up arrow () indicates an ascending sort order, for example, a to z; 1 to 10; oldest date to most recent date. A down arrow () indicates a descending sort order, for example, z to a; 10 to 1; most recent date to oldest date.
  4. If you want more space on the page to view search results, select Search Filters to collapse. Select Search Filters again to expand.
  5. If you want to perform another Document Archive Search, select Clear and repeat Steps 2-4.

Document Search Filters

Use Search Filters to find documents. If collapsed, select Search Filters to expand.   

Document Type: filter by type of document, for example, Chemistry  

Document Name: filter by document name, for example, Lipid Panel

Abnormal (ABNL) Indicator: enter Y to filter by documents that contain abnormal results; enter N to filter by documents that do not contain abnormal results; leave blank for all

Filler Order Number: filter by filler order number

Routing Physician: filter by practice physician the result is routed to 

Hospital Document Code: filter by hospital document code

Date After: filter by results with a document date after the specified date

Date Before: filter by results with a document date equal to or before the specified date

Order Status: filter by order status

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