Filter Patient MRN Overlay Queue

Use filters to specify criteria and search the Patient MRN Overlay Queue. The system displays the records that match your criteria.

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- Filters Applied Indicator
- Default Filter Values
- Apply Filters
- Filters - Actions

Filters Applied Indicator

The Filters Applied indicator is a quick way to see the filters applied to the Patient MRN Overlay Queue. When filters are applied, the records matching the filter criteria are displayed in the Queue. Change the filters to change the records listed in the Queue.

Complete the following steps to quickly see the filters applied to the Patient MRN Overlay Queue:

  1. On the Patient MRN Overlay Queue page, click the Filters Applied indicator. The system displays the active filters.
  2. Click the Filters callout box to close.

Note: The Filters Applied indicator is displayed only if filters are applied. See the Default Filter Values topic for related information.

Default Filter Values

The Patient MRN Overlay Queue is deployed with the following Begin Date and Status filters default values:

  • The default Begin Date is 30 days prior to the current date
  • The default Status includes the following record statuses:
    • In Process
    • New
    • On Hold

The three default Status values indicate records that are suspect because they were not completed by the system based on a configured pattern. Records in these statuses require follow-up.

Apply different filters to change the records listed in the Queue. See the Apply Filters and Filters - Actions topics for more information.

Apply Filters

When you apply filters, the records that meet the selected filter criteria are displayed in the Patient MRN Overlay Queue. 

Complete the following steps to apply filters to the Patient MRN Overlay Queue:

  1. If filters are collapsed, click Filters to expand. 
  2. If you want to clear default or previously set filters, click Clear.
  3. Enter or select values for one or more of the following filters:
    • Patient MRN (Contains)
    • Patient Account Number (Contains)
    • Begin Date (mm/dd/yyyy)*
    • End Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
    • From Patient Last Name (Begins with)
    • From Patient First Name (Begins with) 
    • From Patient DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)
    • From Patient SSN (Contains)
    • From Patient Gender
      •  Derived from actual values in the Queue table, the following values may be listed:
        • F (Female)
        • M (Male)
        • U (Unknown)
    • To Patient Last Name (Begins with)
    • To Patient First Name (Begins with)
    • To Patient DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)
    • To Patient SSN (Contains)
    • To Patient Gender
      • Derived from actual values in the queue table, the following values may be listed:
        • F (Female)
        • M (Male)
        • U (Unknown)
    • Facility
    • Status
      • All
      • Completed, Issue Resolved
      • Completed, No Issue
      • In Process*
      • New*
      • On Hold*
      • System Completed, No Issue
  4. Click Apply. The records that meet the filter criteria are displayed.
  5. If you want to temporarily clear the filters, click Clear (the filters will still be active when you return to the Patient MRN Overlay Queue).
  6. If you want to permanently clear the saved filters, click Clear followed by Save.

*This filter value is set by default when the tool is initially deployed. See the Default Filter Values topic for more information.

Filters - Actions

  • Click Apply to apply the selected filters to the Patient MRN Overlay Queue

  • Click Save to save the selected filters as your Patient MRN Overlay Queue default for subsequent use

  • Click Clear to temporarily clear your filters (the filters will still be active the next time you access the Patient MRN Overlay Queue)  

  • Click Clear followed by Save to permanently clear your saved filters

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