Create and Send Secure Message From Results Inbox

Secure Messaging provides the functionality for a configured practice to communicate securely with other configured practices and hospital groups. 

For preauthorized users: 

  1. To create a new Secure Message click the Actions dropdown at the right side of the result row. Choose  New Message.
  2. A new message opens; patient information is pre-populated.
  3. Click in the Type box, then choose a message Type from the dropdown list. A message Type must be selected before Recipients can be added. 
  4. Next, add message recipients in the To field. More on adding message recipients.
  5. If the message Type has an associated Form, you'll see + Edit Form in the Form field, otherwise you'll see the words No Form. Forms are specific to a practice or hospital. Not all message Types have associated Forms. Click the + Edit Form button. The Secure Message Form window opens. Complete the Form then click OK.     
  6. Optional Step: Click in the "On Behalf Of" box and make a selection from the list. 
  7. Optional Step: Add Attachments. More on adding attachments.
  8. Enter a message Subject
  9. Type and/or use Snippets to enter a message in the secure messaging body editor window. More on snippets.
  10. Click Send or click Save Draft to complete at a later time. Click Cancel to exit without sending or saving the message.
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